It doesn't always take a corporation to introduce a new idea or put a product on the market. Sprocket continues to be involved with various inventors and startup companies to help make their dreams into reality. There can be many pitfalls along the way, and only a few will triumph. Tooling costs, development costs, testing, marketing, distributionthese can all be stumbling blocks in your quest for success. But with the right idea, the right backing, and the right design, your great idea could become a success.

The X-DRIFFT was such a product. Conceived by the inventor while undergoing physical therapy, this exercise device breaks new ground by allowing for a much greater range of motions than its competition. Sprocket became involved from the earliest stage of the project at the request of Spark Engineering, providing the necessary creative vision. Collaborating as a team, using sketch iterations and physical mockups, the idea of the two position handle was born, which is ultimately what gives the X-DRIFFT its capability. Although the road to production was a challenge, the commitment of the team and that of the inventor ultimately prevailed, resulting in what you see here:

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