Every project has an origin, and we often start by evaluating any existing engineering, customer research, and marketing goals. We may dismantle physical samples, take dozens of photographs, visit your factory, or data-mine the internet…whatever is needed to provide a solid foundation on which to build develop your product.

design development

We work closely with your internal team, overseas staff, or our own partners to ensure that all molding, casting, and forming operations are planned into the design. This is an iterative process, using a combination of sketching, 3D, or physical mockups. Human factors, form language, on-product graphics, and a host of other considerations are all integrated during this important phase. As a core philosophy, Sprocket will maximize every opportunity afforded by the components, materials, and assembly of your design. Hopefully you came to us for a fantastic-looking product; but you'll also get an elegant solution.

concept model

Holding a model in your hands can often be the best way to scrutinize a design. SLA prototypes, CNC-cut master models, or hand-carved foam -- each method has its place depending on the project goals and budget. Renderings can go a long way toward describing a product, but we find that a day spent in the shop building a model easily pays for itself by accelerating decision-making at all levels.

Prototypes to Production

Changes and refinements are an unavoidable part of any developmental product. Sprocket will be on hand during this iterative process, adjusting the design or advising as needed, until it is released to production. Communication is key here, even if changes happen months later -- because your success is our success.


Most designs at Sprocket begin on the sketch pad, where we lay down the raw creative ideas that are the seeds of any development process. Exploration and out-of-the-box problem solving define this phase, and we rely on experience, intuition, and client feedback to chart a direction (or several) for the project. If this is your first product in development, have no fear -- we've done this a time or two before.


A high quality visual representation of the proposed design is a valuable touchpoint in any project. Sometimes you just need eye-candy for an important presentation to the buyer or investor. Other times you need consensus within the development team, or to conduct research on various design options. Whether it is a traditional rendering, or a realistic computer raytrace, Sprocket has you covered.

3D development

Sprocket has a deep commitment to excellence in 3D CAD. Whether you need native ProE or SolidWorks, or just a step file to send out for quote, we will stake our reputation on the quality of the CAD files we deliver. We discovered long ago that there is an art, and a science, to creating 3D files that are 'downstream friendly'. Our favorite tool is Autodesk Alias, because it offers the cleanest construction and best toolset in the business.