Digitork is a fully electronic torque wrench, using an internal strain gauge instead of a manual spring mechanism. Apex Tool Group enlisted Sprocket to design a housing for the electronic assembly, with an emphasis on minimizing bulk. Thorough research had told Apex exactly what the professional mechanics using this tool needed -- but first prototypes were too bulky. With years of background in power tools, Sprocket accepted the challenge.

Sketches showed how visual mass could be minimized by having 'windows' in the lower clamshell, later confirmed by rapid prototypes. By negotiating the placement and configuration of some of the internal components, Sprocket was able to pack the electronics in more tightly, while tapering and slimming the housing. By creating the 3D surfacing in-house we were able to control critical tapers and contours, while including extras such as an anti-roll feature in the bezel.

We are happy to say that the Digitork has become a benchmark product in the industry. It is offered as a GearWrench product, and various other private labels.

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