This matched pair of products is a good example of the kind of up-front design and development work that is becoming more and more common in some industries. A well respected Taiwanese supplier contracted with Sprocket to design these two 'turn key' saws. Engineering was being handled by the supplier, working closely with Sprocket to advise in all matters of 'North American' design appeal.

Sprocket had already been involved with several other similar bench-top power tools by this point. We benchmarked and analyzed the competition, identifying key features and metrics that the new products needed to meet or exceed. Our familiarity with Craftsman's design language and branding was also utilized. After a sketch series, rough foam model, and visits to Taiwan, Sprocket created the full 3D master surface models and oversaw the creation of the two CNC prototypes shown here. These are non-functioning models, machined from foam board and painted for effect.

By having a complete design in-hand, the client was able to have an accurate assessment of cost, and show their potential customer exactly what the product would look like. This is can make all the difference when you are featuring your product at a trade show, or when making a critical sale to a customer.

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