Morphix Technologies contracted with Sprocket when it needed to develop its first military / emergency responder product, the Chameleon. Morphix manufactures chemical threat detection film -- think of a badge that changes color when you've been exposed to something airborne. The Chameleon would detect numerous threats simultaneously, however. The design requirements mandated multiple film 'modules' that could be worn in one passive device, which could be easily removed and replaced.

Perhaps the biggest challenge to the Industrial Design was creating a tiny module that was easily gripped yet difficult to snag, while maintaining color visibility. To make it even more challenging, the chemical film needed to be exposed to ambient air from behind, meaning we had to conceive of a series of passive air channels built into the design. Numerous iterations and shapes were tried, working closely with Spark Engineering for detailed design features and assembly methods.

Although early in the project there was a very nice six-sided design solution, the client elected go with a linear design that allowed for more modules. These are the realities of product development. With the help of Spark we were able to channel air in two directions behind the sensor, so that any casual movement ensures adequate ambient exposure of the chemical film. The end product has seen service in harsh and threatening environments all over the world, and has been a success for Morphix.

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