The Bulls Eye was the first DIY laser level/stud finder of its kind on the market. When Black & Decker approached Sprocket about developing the product, they had already begun the engineering. It featured two lasers on a pivoting assembly, with an associated circuit board and battery. The biggest marketing goal was the need to easily attach the device to a wall, with the attachment pin being in the virtual center of the gimbaling lasers.

Sprocket worked closely with B&D's engineering team to minimize the overall space envelope of the moving parts, in order to maximize access to the hollow center of the form, and to keep the product's size manageable by one hand. We worked through numerous sketch studies to arrive at a form that was comfortable to hold yet fit B&D's current design language at that time.

Sprocket also developed the exterior surface CAD model, integrating it smoothly with B&D's in-house CATIA development team. It was a success in the market, spawning numerous spin-off products and forcing the competition to play catch-up.

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